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Story: A Quiet Think; Book One: Unlike Me Chapter 1

Overall Title: A Quiet Thing

Book One Title: Unlike Me

Rating: T for now but overall will be M

Characters & Pairings: Robb/Kurt (endgame); brief flirting Jon/Kurt, variations featuring Jon, Theon and Dave…other characters and pairings will be mentioned

Warnings & Spoilers: Book One is pre GoT canon/TV show, so no spoilers, though foreshadowing to future spoilers are likely if you can catch them. As far as warning: arranged marriage, boypussy, and mpreg will be mentioned and are possible. Also death, and violence will be likely in the overall. I will try to keep up as we go and will be listed at the beginning of each chapter as I can.

Disclaimer; I do not own Glee, Game of Thrones or any Song of Ice and Fire…If I did it would be unlikely I would be posting fanfiction. Nor do I own any of the song titles used as titles forthis thing

Author Notes:

-This is not beta'd. If you would be willing to beta let me know. As soon as it beta I will post on AO3.

-My goal is to post a chapter a week though this may not always be possible.

-Also this started off a prompt on the gkm that simply asked for Robb/Kurt with bottom!Kurt. And grew into this epicness.

-Also this story may be perceived as unfriendly to certain characters, but this is the way of life in Westeros and not my intention to be cruel to any of them so, I ask there be no anger if I violently kill off a character.

-Also this wildly strays from GoT canon. Notably away from the third book/season, but that won't be encountered until the second part.

-Also Blaine fans….i'm sorry but he doesn't fit in at this point so he won't be in here.

Raging threats and jeers of the decidedly insane yellow haired women echoed louder as the door to her dark cell opened briefly. The small council waited outside in the hallway as a red faced King Robert emerged from questioning the would-be assassin himself. They waited expectantly, but when he said nothing they followed him as he began to barrel through the halls at a speed quite impressive for someone of his girth. When the party reached the small council chambers Queen Cersei already seated at the table. All of them would be happier to not involve the golden haired she-lion, Robert particularly, but each man knew inwardly she was a force to be reckoned with where her children were concerned. While the council men occupied the seats around her at the table all eyes were nervously on the king; all awaiting to be able to share what ever wisdom they believed they believed they could impart for this particular situation. King Robert Baratheon took no notice of them while he spent the next handful moments pacing the stone until he finally declared, "I'll have her head."

"Of course, my king," the slow, carefully chosen words came from his hand, Jon Arryn, "Trust that she will be made an example of as soon as we are sure we have all the information from be sure all plans have been thwarted."

Cersei's words were sharp cutting off several words off the lips of the others, "We believe there will be more attempts? The guard around Joffery should be increased."

The tension grew considerably until it was young Renly who chose to field this particular thought, "It seems the target was not Prince Joffrey, but Prince Kurt."

They were all still at a loss for the reason behind this particular truth; though young Kurt was a second born son his ability to bare children prevented him from being able to inherit the iron throne until after both Joffery and third son Tommen. His condition was not by any means unheard of and used among the high born lords as needed as a way to strengthen the houses who controlled the seven kingdoms.

Perhaps it was because Kurt was arguably the most public member of the royal family eagerly doing what he could to learn how use the power of his place in life to help others. Even then his mother, who strongly opposed her only dark haired child's fascination with the less fortunate, ensured he was guarded so well it discouraged both the young prince from wanting to leave he red keep and poorer souls from wanting to even approach. None the less a threat to his life had emerged and while Robert listened to the advice of the chamber he had already made his decision after leaving the dungeon.

"We'll send him to Winterfell." Silence fell, "he is betrothed to the heir of Winterfell, and between the cold and Ned Stark it will likely deter another attempt."

It was clear by his voice his decision was firm and while no vocally seemed to protest Robert the king knew even in his anger was sure from the look on his Queen's face there would be a discussion he also knew the decision was final, there wasn't any one else he'd trust more with Kurt's safety.

When the meeting ended Robert waited until Cersei had left before he waived down his brother, "Send your squire to me. He'll accompany Kurt to Winterfell." Whether or not Renly agreed, he didn't say, simply nodded and went on his way.

The truth that King Robert Baratheon had fathered a considerable number of bastards was, by far, the worst kept secret in the land of Westeros. One could hardly spend a day in King's Landing without running into at least one child who carried some resemblance to the man on the iron throne. Though, a couple of the king's men checked in on them from time to time none of them had received any direct attention from Robert himself, save for one.

Drunkenly seeking comfort while grieving the death of Lyanna Stark he had bedded the daughter of Lord of one of the lower houses. Even in morning light he had thought to stay and linger with her for longer, but in the month it took for her to discover her pregnancy his advisers were already arranging his marriage to Cersei Lannister. Guilt had momentarily washed over him for dishonoring a lady (and not a women of the brothels like the mothers of his following baseborn children would be) and he had approached Paul Karofsky, a trusted lord of a neighboring minor house, with a sack full of gold and promise of titles should he marry the woman. Without any other prospect Paul had taken the lady and when she gave birth to Robert's son, he had name the boy David Karofsky.

When David was nine his mother had died giving Paul his third trueborn child, and David had been sent, amongst knowing whispers, to foster with Stannis Baratheon while he was in court as council to the king. It was there in court he spent many lessons unknowingly with his brothers, and dinners with his true father's family. Under the hand of a kind, but unaffectionate Paul, followed by the stern and straight faced Stannis, David had a brief period, as any child would, of acting out using rough play and harsh words that had often found a target of the young Prince Kurt. When this had come to light just after his twelfth nameday he had been taken a side and sworn to secrecy as he was finally told the truth, a meeting that had been overheard by an eavesdropping nine year old Kurt. It had been a slow journey, but the two boys, nearly men, had eventually become rather close. And why it had been decided that as of his fifteenth nameday David would leave Stannis' care and be squire to Renly, and later train as a knight, for the intended protection of princely brother.

David entered the king's presence with a bow, but not a word was spoken until they were truly alone. He had the same dark hair and height of his father, and though his nature had given him a similar personality his adopted and foster fathers had taught him to control it.

Robert waved the boy who was only days from his seventeenth name day towards him, "Come here, David, son. Have a seat, have seat. Drink?" David took the seat but not the drink. Even in the five years since he discovered the man before him was his true father, he still had not decided on how he should feel about the man. Mostly, he settled on grateful as he was fully aware how his other bastard half-siblings were neglected.

"How is Kurt?" Dave ventured to ask.

"Well enough, a little shaken, but he is stubborn and determined to not let it deter him. Cersei and I are grateful you were there to help protect him."

Inwardly, David could not believe that 'grateful' would ever be a word the queen would use in his regard, but he stayed silent. There was a few moments before the King spoke again.

"For his safety, we're sending him north to Winterfell for his protection. He'd be going in a few years any how to marry the heir, this just speeds up things. And I'd like you to accompany him, he'll need a friend, and some one to keep an eye on him."

Robert eyed his first born for a moment, "He'll be married after his eighteenth name day that's in four years time. After he's married you may stay on in service there or take the black. Or if you wanted to come back South I am sure Stannis or Renly would be glad to have you swear oath to either of them. But David, son, if you don't wish to be a knight just say the word and we'll find a match for you. I promise."

David didn't know what to make of the promise, "Thank you, your grace, I will gladly go to Winterfell with the prince. I know I have never said so much, thank you for all you have allowed me to do."

Robert sighed and when both of them were standing the father pulled the son close to him. "You may be luckier than your brothers that you don't have the same pressure as your brothers and sister, but Baratheon blood runs through you. And though I may not be able to say this out loud out side the privacy of this room, but I am proud of you."

David nodded before he started towards the door. He was stopped by the kings words, "I know its not much but before you leave I want you to have this, for your name day." He held out a leather sheathed sword, "It was mine in younger days, before I took the crown." In the leather was burned a stag and the word 'Our is the Fury'. "Coming from Renly's service no one should question it in your possession. And I'm trusting you to keep an eye on Kurt for me."

"As you wish."

Without another word David bowed out of his trueKing father's presence and back towards his bedchamber in the tower Renly kept while staying in the Red Keep to back what little he owned and add the new sword to the little he would pack for the journey north.

In his own bed chambers the young prince Kurt Baratheon, second son of King Robert was reading a book, a gift from his Uncle Tyrion. While no one seemed to appreciate the man, Kurt enjoyed the shorter man's wit. There were some who would even suggest Kurt was Tyrion's student, learning to become a master of the artful response.

The words his eyes were devouring were interrupted by the sound of a knock on the wooden door. When he granted entrance the door opened to reveal his Queen mother on the other side. Between mother and child the formalities of their positions had been long cast aside and she continued her way in.

"I wanted to seen how you and your brother were doing, but I can't seem to find him."

"No doubt he is off planning revenge with his hound."

She seemed to consider his words a moment, "A protective instinct that will no doubt serve him well when it is his turn on the throne." Whether it not she believed her own words he was uncertain. "And you?"

"I am fine." He promised, "I was well protected. How long do you think it'll be before father will allow me outside the keep?"

There was a great pause that unnerved the boy quite a bit as the queen and mother considered her words, "It seems the true target of today's attack was you . For your protection your father has decided to send you on ahead to Winterfell and under the eye of your betrothed husband and his family. You will leave as soon as it can be arranged."

She waited for his reaction but confusion so clouded his mind that none came though he wanted very mug to b able to protest this decision made for him.

Cersei placed his hand on the side if his face as if she wanted to say more, then thought better of it and departed from the chambers leaving he son to contemplate his newly revealed future.

The king seemed determined that Kurt's safety depended on getting him away from King's Landing as soon as possible. And so it was that the arrangements where made in such a fervor that Kurt was sent in North by the end of the fortnight and two months shy of his fourteenth nameday with a handmaiden and a manservant, David,and a small collection of four guards.

He knew his parents had seen him off in the small wheellhouse, and expected him to spend the entire journey in side with Rachel and Jesse. But by the start of their second week on the road it was clear that he could not handle one more moment of Rachel's talking or Jesse sneered remarks. Both of them and the guards protested when he commanded the wheel house to stop and called for his horse.

"But my prince..."

"Will be fine." Dave's voice interuppted, "We will still be in the open for the next two days, not many know we are traveling, and if trouble comes there will be plenty of time for him to climb back in." That seemed to satisfy everyone, but when Kurt climbed on top his horse his half brother leaned in for only him to hear, "Though it would ease my mind if you were to ride close to me."

That was an easy request to fill, since the truth of their shared blood the two had put aside earlier differences and had formed a close friendship despite the protest of the Queen. There were even moments Kurt would rather have David as his full brother over Joffery.

"You're parents did give firm instructions for you to stay within the wheelhouse."

"And yet they did not have to endure that handmaiden's talking, dear brother," He used the private term of endearment, "Besides I don't see my parents nearby."

Dave smiled and they continued the ride in silence for a little while longer. The older boy could see the heavy thought on his brother's face, so carefully he ventured, "We're a small party, moving at a good pace. We should make there well before the end of the fortnight."

Kurt seemed to listen but he didn't respond.

"Are you nervous to meet your future husband? Is the arrangement not to your liking?"

The prince's eyes flashed, "No, if I'm being honest I'm not particularly enthused about being bartered to the North to honor an old friendship of our fathers. Nobody asked if I wanted this arrangement." He paused for a long while, "Seems a bit cruel doesn't sending a stag into a pack of wolves?"

The tension in his voice had softened and Dave relaxed a bit, with a soft smile, "Well if its that bad, remember I am here to protect you should they snarl."

"I thank you for that. Winterfell will be considerably more bearable with family closeby."

"Well, I believe Winterfell will be more bearable if solely because puts a great distance between us and Joffery."

They shared a laugh and continued Nortward towards what would be their soon to be home.

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